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Ethan Regan (2013)

Ethan & eagle

While working at Mountainaire Avian Rescue, I gained a large amount of knowledge in regards to small-scale wildlife rehabilitation. This new knowledge ranges greatly from basic skills to more medically based abilities that I will be able to use later in my future career. The basic skills that I acquired include animal handling, properly setting up cages for each individual…

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Julianne Hausknecht (2013)

Julie with raven

Interning at Mountainaire Avian Rescue Society as an animal care intern was an amazing experience that I will never forget. Before working at MARS I was always a little nervous around large and wild animals and haven’t had the chance to work with them in a hands-on environment. However, interning at MARS gave me the courage to make a difference…

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Gray Jays

Gray Jay or Whiskey Jack

MARS Moment 2013 by Sandy Fairfield, MARS Education Coordinator One of my favorite pastimes in the summer months is to visit and enjoy the many treasures found in Strathcona Park and Mount Washington. This year the area has provided a retreat from the long hot summer days, providing cooler breezes and respite from the sun among the trees. With only…

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Large Animal Awareness

Cougar from

MARS Moment 2013 by Sandy Fairfield, MARS Education Coordinator Late summer is a time when orchards are full of ripening fruits and when wildlife is beginning to build up their fat reserves for hibernation in the coming winter months. This is also when there is an increase in the number of sightings and confrontations between humans and large mammals that…

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Adult Merlin by Mike Yip

MARS Moment 2013 by Sandy Fairfield, MARS Education Coordinator Aerodynamically designed for speed, Merlins belong to the family of Falcons; the Peregrine Falcon is the fastest flying falcon but the Merlin is a close second, attaining cruising speeds in excess of 70 kilometers an hour. Also known as a “Pigeon Hawk”, this name not only implies their partiality to dining…

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Rufous Hummingbird

MARS Moment 2013 by Sandy Fairfield, MARS Education Coordinator I am always amazed by one of nature’s most spectacular birds; many hummingbirds are named after vibrant colors, amethyst, emerald, ruby and sapphire. There are over 300 species of hummingbirds in the world and they are only found in the Western hemisphere. Hummingbirds are the tiniest birds in the world; the…

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Turkey Vultures

Turkey Vulture in Flight photo by Mike Yip

MARS Moment 2013 by Sandy Fairfield, MARS Education Coordinator It is always rewarding when we can successfully rehabilitate wildlife patients, as many of the cases admitted to MARS Wildlife Centre are beyond help by the time they arrive. June saw the return of two patients who were rescued last summer and fall and have spent almost a year in captivity.…

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‘Superior’ Japanese pigeon skips local race, lands on Vancouver Island instead

Racing Pigeon Sandy Fairfield

A homing pigeon veered off course in a race in Japan and ended up on Vancouver Island. Published Friday, June 28, 2013 12:07PM EDT A Japanese racing pigeon truly went the distance, after he overshot a 1,000-kilometre race in his native country and instead traveled across the Pacific Ocean and ended up on Vancouver Island. The remarkable bird was…

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Racing Pigeons

Racing Pigeon Sandy Fairfield

MARS Moment 2013 by Sandy Fairfield, MARS Education Coordinator Man’s oldest companion is a bird that is very familiar, though it is shunned by many. When we think of a pigeon it is often with negative thoughts, as they tend to be a messy nuisance. Records dating back to ancient Roman and Egyptian times show that pigeons were an important food…

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Important Deer Information

Fawn photo by Jim Dubois

MARS Moment 2013 by Sandy Fairfield, MARS Education Coordinator One of the most endearing and enchanting of our local wildlife species has to be the deer, especially when they are fawns. The Black Tailed Deer are the only deer species found on Vancouver Island, but other deer species inhabit the coastal mainland, Vancouver, and the Fraser Valley. Each year during the…

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