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In Memoriam

Some of our followers choose to leave a legacy for MARS when they pass away or their loved ones elect to have donations given to us in lieu of flowers. This page is intended to share and honour some of these contributions and as a thank you to all who have thought of us during difficult times.

There are also many people in the community that contribute time and energy to helping MARS and are vital to its success, when they are no longer with us it leaves a hole that is difficult to fill.


Gord William Davidson – January 6th

Gord repeatedly supported MARS through his donations and the family remembers his fondness for animals by asking that contributions be made to MARS.

Anna Cathrall – November 19

Anna was quite a gal, achieving an engineering degree and then becoming one of the first women to work for IBM as a computer engineer. She left MARS a legacy and we are grateful for her contribution.

Maureen “Mojo” – November 17

Maureen was a well respected Hornby Island Eagleholic, HEGPS member, creator of memorable CafePress designs for Hornby Eagle Group Projects Society (HEGPS), and Supporter of MARS. We were honoured by her visit in 2012 when she stayed “at the house” with Jay & Cali. Words cannot express our loss of this champion for wildlife.

Thora Fleming – October 19

Thora was a long time supporter of MARS, a volunteer, and a crusader for the environment. She washed cages and she even helped with oil spills. She fed baby birds until they made “purple poop” from all the blueberries off the bushes. Her expertise was with hummingbirds using the many flowers from her garden. She will be sorely missed.

Vicki Hansen – July 19

We have many supporters among the local birding groups and Vicki was well known in Campbell River for her dedication to them and MARS.

Michele Woodrow – June 28

Both Michele and her husband Danny, who predeceased Michele by 11 months, were great supporters of MARS for many years.

Vicki Lapp – June 24

An avid photographer, Vicki contributed many photos for MARS’ fundraising efforts.

Paul Charter – June 4

Paul volunteered for many years at MARS events and fundraising activities. He also acted as an eagle nest tree monitor.

Diana Maloff – May 25th

Dianna was involved with the Comox Valley Naturalists Society; she was an avid birder and supporter of MARS.

Barb Sedgewick – April 12

Barb was responsible for keeping the Christmas bird counts on track for many years, as a dedicated birder, and member of the Comox Valley Naturalists Society.

Harry Wright

A member of the Rhododendron Society who was known for his impressive show of yellow blooms and his Christmas garden light display, Harry was also a faithful eagle nest tree monitor.

Eric Palmer – December

Eric, the son of June Palmer, loved all animals.

Betty McGinnis – November 14th

Betty, from Rosewall Creek, put in many hours banding hummingbirds for research.

Bob White – October

Michael Brown – September

Andy (Henn) Laak – July 27

Andy was well-known around the Comox Marina and sailing played a large part in his life. Later he tried his hand at precision woodworking at which he became a master. He crafted many items over the years ranging in size from wooden salad bowls to canoes. He also perfected the craft of making harps and taught himself to play this heavenly instrument. He was a humble man and never boasted of his accomplishments. Little did he know how much family and friends admired his many talents and accomplishments. His cedar-strip Kayak and Canoe donated to MARS for fundraisers were admired by many at Kitty Coleman Woodland Gardens

Jim Fairfield – July 16

Jim’s wife, Sandy, has been MARS’ educational coordinator since 2002 and Jim was generous in his support of MARS.

Dottie Bywaters – July

Dottie was a Hornby Eagle-holic and an avid follower and supporter of MARS.

Frank Landes – February

Randy McDonald – February

Ethan Andrew White – February

Priscilla Pratt

Terry Swanston

Terry was the son of two great friends of MARS, Barbara and Michael.

Jim Dubois

Jim was an avid wildlife photographer and gave many of his photos to MARS for use on our website. His site, the Inelegant Eagle, was named for Beethoven, Jim’s favourite eagle to watch and photograph.

In Memory of Dooki

HEGPS (Hornby Eagle Group Projects Society) followers commemorated a dear friend by sponsoring the care of Duke, the Bald Eagle admitted to MARS in the summer of 2012. Maj Birch honoured him by changing the eagle’s name from Duke, to Dooki. Dooki, the eagle, was successfully released after healing from his wounds, sustained in a fight with another eagle.