What to do if you find a fawn:

  • Do not assume a lone fawn is abandoned: when the mother is off foraging fawns are often left to remain still and hidden in the grass;
  • Leave the fawn alone and watch from a distance ([i]unless[/i] you have sited a dead doe in the area);
  • Before assuming a fawn is an orphan, please call MARS at 250-337-2021;
  • Do not take a fawn home and try to feed it: you could ‘kill it with kindness’;
  • If you must remove the fawn from where you found it (after checking with MARS), please put it in a warm, dark, quiet place and leave it alone. DO NOT handle it, this can cause extreme stress!
  • If you see a mother deer with one fawn crossing the road expect another deer to follow;
  • SLOW DOWN at marked DEER crossing.