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Education Programs


Suitable for all ages:

  • pre-schools
  • elementary classrooms
  • home schools
  • adult day care
  • adult groups and societies

When possible, MARS Ambassador Birds are available for classroom or habitat visits. (Sometimes they have a “bad hair day” and prefer not to be caught for duty.)

Classroom-based format:

MARS Education Programs are enhanced with power point presentations (suitable for grade two and up: all topics can be applied to curriculum subjects, ie: readers, math, science, environmental issues etc.) Student participation is encouraged through either:

  • a pre-presentation task involving research; or
  • follow-up after project completion

Students are also encouraged to come up with fundraising ideas: this provides an awareness of the challenges of fundraising and what it means to volunteer and contribute for a worthwhile cause.


To educate students and the general public:

  • About human impact on wildlife and their habitats
  • How we can help to preserve habitat, nest sites, food resources, etc.
  • To learn to respect all wildlife in their natural state and environment (not treat them as pets)

To encourage students to find ways to make a difference:

  • Educating their parents and peers
  • Taking an active role in helping wildlife
    • Beach clean up
    • Invasive plant removal (pulling broom)
    • Planting native shrubs and trees
    • Brainstorm: coming up with ideas to help wildlife survival

Topics include:

  • General MARS Information
  • Owls, Eagles, and Hawks
  • Habitats
  • Nests Birds and Human Digestive Systems
  • General Introduction to Birds and Mammals Habitat (available late fall 2011)

Our Programs can be modified!

Student field trips can be arranged; this is particularly beneficial for follow-up habitat studies.


Due to increased expenses for our wildlife care and rising fuel costs we suggest a minimum donation of $60.00 to our educational programs. We also have a Wildlife Centre Wish List of items we need.

For further information, please email:

MARS Education Coordinator is available to provide fun and insightful wildlife education programs.

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